From Russia with Love #10

As this will be my very last blogpost about my exchange semester in St. Petersburg, I thought about writing it in English, as I still hope that some of my exchange colleagues will read it haha.
Before coming to Russia, I thought that I am prepared for this kind of experience and totally aware of the ups and downs included in such a time period abroad. To cut a long story short -haha nope I wasn’t. It’s unbelievable how much energy it cost me adjusting to the life in Russia, but on the other hand it is unbelievable how much I got in return. So many beautiful memories of excursions, dinner dates, parties and of course people. People from all over Europe and Asia I definitely won’t forget.


Although it is normal in Austria to study languages from a very young age, I never really paid attention to other, not that well known languages like Dutch, Finnish or Slovenian. They are absolutely beautiful and interesting and this was the base for loads of interesting conversations with other people my age. And of course I fell for French and Italian even more than I already did before (please let me be French in my next life – or a real Italian Mamma with mad cooking skills haha).
Building an international network was the thing I enjoyed the most, which already leads me to the sad part of all this. During my five months here, I was constantly missing the people at home. I would not say that I was home sick, but I missed my friends and wanted to show them all the great experiences I had and introduce them to all the lovely people I met. However, now it is somehow turned around and I am sure that I won’t get rid of the constant feeling of missing someone.

Although we were facing a lot of troubles and the temperatures now are not really cozy (yes i know – russian winter haha), I fell in love with St. Petersburg. Sometimes it seems like the city acts bitchy and doesn’t want you to like it, for example in december, when we did not see the sun for over 3 weeks. Nevertheless, the buildings and all the cute cafes and restaurants are super special to me and I will definitely come back in summer, as I want to see the white nights.


To sum up – I laughed at lot, danced a couple nights, studied way to little, cried sometimes, drank real Russian vodka, was pissed at everyone including me, was overwhelmed by the City and ate way too much good food. Tomorrow I will finally get to see my loved ones again and can’t wait to hug them. Preferably – all at once haha. Good bye St. Petersburg, I had a blast!

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